Social Media

Social Media

Social media ecspecially Facebook is playing a vital role in our daily life,
For any bussiness, having a social media presence (Facebook Bussiness Page) for your brand is very critical as it can be an effective marketing tool to promote your products and eventually make your bussiness grow bigger.

Don’t have any idea how to start it?
Don’t worry, bussinessmen and bussinesswomen!
Ridzani Gallery offers a services for well-planned social medias which can gain trust from customers about your brand.
By having this technology, your company or online brand can communicate well with customer, attract and engage target customer, and may drive leads to your websites and at a glance, conerted into sales!

Always remember that, “Communication is the key.”

Sales Page

Sales Pages

Is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your products. The product or service you’re selling on your page can differ depending on your industry. However, the purpose of your sales page remains constant-getting visitors to convert into customers.

You know you’ve got a great product. Trick is, how do you convince the rest of the world? One way to spread the word is by creating a sales landing page. But what is that?

Ridzani Gallery can give wings to your bussiness, to help you fly high and grow with your bussiness! Our services is to make a good and attractive sales page which is easy to complete call to action, easy way for somebody to learn more about your products and clear value proposition.

Google Search Ad

Google Search Advertising

Search requires certain keywords that can make people recognize what your business is all about. Our job is to ensure that your name is fully optimized in the search engine. There are certain measures that need to be considered before launching your brand in the internet. We analyze the market, your competitors approach, the right keywords and audience. Through these, we can achieve the result wanted and provide a report to you on the performance of your search ads.

Web Design

Web Design

What is website design?
Briefly, website design means planning, creation and updating of websites. It is also involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layouts, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery.

We need to have a interesting yet full with information website to gain customer’s interest. We can give you a hand!

At Ridzani, website design includes more abstract elements such as layout traditions, user habits and etc that simplify the using of websites and help to find information faster. We also can design the website based on your creativity if you want to!

Product R&D

Product R&D

Don’t know what products are fast-selling and high demand on the market?
Don’t worry !
We have a solution!

The Ridzani offers accurate and effective service to research and predict the hottest products on the market.


1) Marketing
2) Product efficiency
3) The number of product users

Don’t wait anymore!
Come on! Contact us immediately to get our services!

Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

A Logo Design Worth Thousands of Words !

Ridzani Gallery offer professional Logo designing services to people who want to build strong brand recognition and awareness about their business amongst targeted audience. A company or business without logo is a sign of unprofessionalism. Thus, we highly recommend our clients to have a unique logo; it will help you win your customers trust easily.

1) Custom Logo Design Company
2) Business Logo Design
3) Corporate Logo Design

1) Unique
2) Creative
3) Gives Brand Identity


Website Development

Website Development

Every bussiness will go for a website in their development process. To let people know about your products, it is so important to have such an attractive websites to gain customers. Besides, the website so important as it represent the image and name of the company.
We, Ridzani Gallery can help you to get the great looking website for your products!

Before that, we need to know more about you:
– What type of bussiness that you do?
-Identity of your company?
-Favourite theme or colours?
-What type of customer do you target? (Such as age)
-Your company awesome content and images
-What’s your speciality and purpose of your company?

Our services will focus more on WordPress, because it is user-friendly and easily managed, open source and search engine friendly.
More than 30% of the active websites use WordPress technology. Making it the most popular website and blog development platform in the world.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Exactly what are Values of a Two-Year College or university.

Innovative education in such a nation is swiftly turning into a necessity inside home business group in contrast to an extravagance. Inside the earlier the persons who experienced a secondary university exercise continue to experienced the possibility to manufacture a excellent globe for themselves and their households. These times are immediately turning into a second dieing coal of your previous. On the off likelihood you would want to have giant getting possibilities amid your lifetime that you’re 100 % limited by your getting to know possibilities and also degree of instruction you have got gotten.

The uplifting information is that you really don’t want to have got a get or bust method as regards to instruction. You can actually get started with by generating toddler strides with reference to leading-edge schooling. In the off opportunity which you have a junior school with your standard vicinity, it is one among the very best property for opening your university instruction at any period into your living. Most junior faculties have courses at different times amid the working day and night time, even some on Saturday maintaining in mind the top end goal to oblige understudies of varied ages and foundations.

Junior schools also provide a incredible chance to initiate your knowing mission in the way that’s a good deal far more easily reasonable for the standard countrywide than an all out higher education. These schools are into a terrific extent worker educational institutions at the same time there are a handful of that permit understudies the working experience of dwelling over a university grounds at a a lot lesser amount than most legitimate faculties charge to the exact or basically similar to positive factors.

Junior colleges at the same time permit you to look into your alternatives in case you are not frequently a number of what heading you wish to your exercise to acquire not having shelling out these kinds of a great cost for your process. In case you already know the vocation way you wish to choose chances are you may find a two-year diploma application that could have you ever outside of college and in a occupation quite a bit prior to a four-year method will permit. On the off possibility that that isn’t enough information in your case, a considerable portion of the two-year initiatives of review which can be offered on the junior faculty stage could possibly just shift easily into four 12 months certification systems within the school stage.

Junior faculties give a outstanding get started for a few consumers that are seeking for innovative schooling whether or not to assist their professions or just to find out satisfaction on a person level in everyday life. There can be a good number of amazing tasks in qualified fields and scholarly fields that can be investigated and studies relating to the junior school amount.

For graduating secondary university understudies junior schools help understudies help to the alteration from secondary faculty to highschool free of enduring the way in which of everyday living stun that a handful of schools can place understudies by means of. You’ll discover that there are regularly multiple chances to fulfill instructive and in addition social preferences in the junior school level for understudies which have been occupied with trying to find following a junior faculty teaching.

You must likewise see that junior faculties are much less demanding to paying as regards to placing apart funds and expense funds for possibly your own personal university training or even the instructive expenses of your kids. Owning them visit a junior college or university for a extended time then exchanging into a College can spare a number of hard cash and give you a little bit of thoughts that your children are as but accepting a wonderful level of instruction.

Really, within the off prospect that you’ll be hunting for an astounding quality as regards to instruction you’d do yourself or your youngsters an damage in the event that you don’t glance within the junior higher education possibilities into your typical vicinity earlier than dove in and leaping into your school means of life. You’ll find that junior colleges repeatedly give an equivalent level of instruction for that straightforward courses that first and second calendar year undergrads on a regular basis get, they are simply a vastly improved esteem for the dollars, and they’re an extraordinary qualities for that consumers who are making an attempt to juggle their coaching with spouse and children and operate obligations.